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Launching on September 16th, when we have our Ukraine concert, Aarik Persaud's Open Fire BBQ food is coming to the Bay Horse.  See Menu below.  He will be joining us every Friday, (5.30 to 8.30 approx) from 7th October onwards.  






We are a small community pub and we love an occasional pop-up caterer, whilst we focus on good beer, live music, gatherings, sessions and community events.  Outside of that, we also welcome our customers making use of local take-aways or bringing in a picnic to eat in our large garden.  We open from 1.30 Friday, Saturday and Sundays and great take-aways from the Market Square  can be enjoyed with a pint in our beer garden.  In the evenings (Tuesday through Sunday) Pizza 101, Cafe Mumbai and Good Food House Chinese are all just a stone's throw away, and we hear that Almond Thief is coming to the Rotherfield!  A little further away is Cafe Asia on the High Street and Pizza Pirates down at the Mansion courtyard (check with them for days/times of opening).  Menus for all are available in the pub.

We can provide catering for events - if you'd like to book the upper garden or the snug/pub for an event please email Kathy at  We can host small weddings, special birthdays, wakes, leaving dos and life celebrations.   We are also happy to host caterers of your choice for events.

Nearby Eateries include:  The Bull Inn - Organic Pub Bistro; Cafe Mumbai - Indian Cuisine; Willow Vegetarian Restaurant; Ben's Tapas Bar; Rumor Bistro; Pie Street - Pie House.  Numerous other cafes are open through the day time.


(*Markets are Fridays and Saturdays, plus a food Market every third Sunday)

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